💬 I found this course after a long and extensive online search: it is very complete, with a wide range of subjects related to starting and owning a business, financials, and paying taxes in Ireland covered. In addition, the well over 100 videos are short and to-the-point, so you can quickly find the subjects you need to learn about, and "consume" it rapidly: this course is very well designed for fast learning about all relevant topics. The regular live online sessions that are part of the course have also been very helpful to me, with all my questions - even some unusual ones - having been answered comprehensively during those calls. Based on my earlier online research which made me decide to buy this course, I believe it is by far the best course out there to get up to speed quickly, on what you need to know when starting and running a business in Ireland. Strongly recommended!

George S.

12 APR 24 @ 16:16