💬 Are you kidding me?! Where was this when I first started my journey here? Redona did a fantastic job by creating this one of a kind starter template. Not only does it cover the basics you need to grow your audience as content creator but it also contains step by step points along with proper and easy to understand examples. This guide helps you find out your niche by asking meaningful questions and if you find yourself stuck, the examples are there to guide you. It also explains how to break down things and build it from ground up so that your content reaches the proper audience which in turn helps you grow. The thing which surprised me the most was that you find a video guide explaining how to use and modify the templates which are free of cost in Canva. I mean you get all of this inside the starter kit. Additionally, Redona went out of her way to provide not one but fifty hook headlines. Who does that?! If you are serious about growing your presence on Instagram, this is one stop solution for you. Do not sleep on this! Once you understand and start experimenting with this you'll definitely mark your presence.

Abdul Rehaman Shaikh

21 AUG 23 @ 13:48