Choose videoask builder view

There are two different views you can use when building a videoask. Most functionalities are available in both views, but depending on what you're building one may suit your preferences better than the other.

Map View

The map builder view displays a visual representation of any conditional logic you have set up, so it can be helpful to see the flow of your videoask as you're building it. It also allows you more flexibility in creating new logic through interacting with the builder nodes to create new steps.


Linear View

The linear builder view presents your videoask linearly, regardless of what logic you have setup. Note that you can still use conditional logic with this view, it will just be displayed in the dropdowns below each step, as opposed to in the view itself. This view can be useful if you have simpler logic with many steps, as it allows you to simply drag steps to change their order. 

The images above and below are the same videoask, in map view and linear view, respectively: 


Manually switch views in the builder


Click Build to open the videoask builder



At the bottom right of your builder, click the view icon to switch the view


Once switched, you can click the view icon again at any time to revert back to the previous view:


Set a default builder view

If you generally prefer to work in one view over the other, you can set a default builder view for your account.


Click the letter icon or gravatar to open your user menu



Select My Account



Scroll down to Advanced options. By default Map view will be enabled. If you prefer to use the linear builder view by default, toggle this OFF.


Interested in other default settings? Learn how to create default videoask settings each time you build a new videoask within your organization.

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