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Search for specific videoasks, interactions and people

As the number of videoasks and responses in your account grows, it can start to get tricky keeping track of specific videoasks, interactions and respondents.

Organizing your videoasks into folders and managing your team's folder permissions certainly helps to keep things tidy, but sometimes a quick search of your account can save you or a team member lots of time! 🕰

Keep reading to learn how to search the content in your account so you can quickly find exactly what you're looking for.


Click the search icon in the top left-hand corner of your account (or type CTRL + / or ⌘ + / on a Mac for a handy keyboard shortcut).



You can search everything in your account or look for a specific piece of content by filtering by videoasks, interactions or people:


Filter by videoasks when looking for a particular videoask: search for the videoask name, the title of a step in your videoask, or for the overlay text used in your videoask.

Click Open videoask from the search results to be taken directly to that videoask.


Filter by interactions to look for something specific that a videoask creator or respondent said or typed (this option searches all the videoask transcripts).

Click View interaction to be taken to the videoask where the transcript came from, or Show all interactions (if it's a transcript from a respondent) to view all the interactions you've had with that respondent.


Filter by people to find a particular respondent: you can search for their name or email address and then click View interaction to be taken to the specific interaction or Show all interactions to view all the interactions you've had with that person.


💡 Tip: Check out our search tips just below the search bar to take your searching skills to the next level!


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