Collect contact details from your respondents

Identify your respondents by asking them to leave their name, email address and phone number when they answer your videoask. 


To collect contact details:

1. Go to the Settings for your videoask


If this is your first time creating a videoask, you can check out this article to see how it’s done.

2. Toggle the Collect contact details switch


3. Now you’ll see the types of contact details you can collect. Toggle the switches to choose what you need from Name, Email, Phone number, and Consent. Learn more about collecting consent.

You can also choose to make each of these fields Required or not.


Now when someone answers your videoask, they’ll be prompted to fill out a contact form, like the one below, before submitting their answers:


If you already know someone’s contact details, you can even let them skip this step, and still get their contact information. Check out this article to find out how.

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