Customize the end screen of your videoask

When you’re on the Grow or Brand plan and someone completes your videoask they will see this end screen by default:


If you’d like to edit this end screen you can do so by customizing your videoask’s text. To learn more about customizing your videoask’s language and texts, check out this article. 

To customize the text for your end screen:

1. Select a videoask and go to Settings


2. Click Customize text next to the Language section.


3. Name your custom language, select the base language, and hit Create. (You can name your custom language anything you'd like!)


4. Now you’ll see all the text elements of your videoask interface. Scroll down to VideoAsk last step success message (1) and (2) to edit the end screen text.

Note: You can edit both those fields with up to 140 characters and use emojis.


5. When you are finished editing, make sure to click Save custom language.


Now your end screen will display your custom text:


Change the color of the end screen’s background:

1. Select a videoask and go to Settings


2. Change the Primary Color to whatever color you’d like


This will set the color for all first-level interactive elements (like buttons) as well as the background color for your end screen


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