How to pass variables into overlay text

If you’ve created a videoask to send out to multiple people, you can still personalize using the video overlay text.

Use variables for piping information into the overlay text to automatically personalize steps of your videoask.

Add variables to overlay text


Select the videoask you’d like to add personalized overlay text to and go to Share this videoask



Under the Share URL, click +Variables to add variables to its URL.


Select from the default variable options or click + Add custom variable to create your own. If you're new to the wonderful world of variables, learn more about getting started with variables.


Now click Edit this videoask


4. Select Edit this Step for the step you’d like to add overlay text to



Add any desired overlay text



Then decide which information you want to personalize in the overlay text by using this formatting:


In this example, the contact_name variable I've added to my share URL will be passed through to the overlay text.


You can also use {{contact_phone_number}} or {{contact_email}} or any custom variables you've added. 

Now you can go back to Share this videoask, copy the Share URL, update the information in the variables you've added, and see how the overlay text updates!


If you're collecting contact details in your videoask, you can also recall information in overlay text in later steps. 


Note: If your videoask URL has been shared without a variable to be fed into the specified overlay text, a blank space will be shown in the overlay text, like this:


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