Manage overlay text size

If you add overlay text to any of your videoask steps or replies, you can choose the text size relative to its display.

Choose overlay text size in a new videoask step

1. When creating a new videoask step, you will be prompted to add any desired overlay text after you upload or record a video. Start typing overlay text and text control options will display below.


2. Select the desired text size from the dropdown menu.


Change overlay text size in an existing videoask step

1. Select your videoask and go to Edit this videoask


2. Select Edit this step


3. Locate the text size settings in the Display tab


4. Select the desired text size from the dropdown menu 


Small, Medium, and Large text size can be seen below:


The selected text size is relative to the viewport and device. So while a "Large" font will technically be displayed as a different size on desktop vs mobile devices, the text will appear large relative to the size of the window. 


Select overlay text size in a response

1. After recording a response, you'll be given the option to add overlay text before sending. Start typing and the overlay text options will appear.


2. Select the desired text size from the dropdown menu and click Send reply.



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