Add a videoask to a Google Slides presentation

Looking to collect feedback after a workshop or share your videoask in a presentation?

Embed your videoask in Google Slides or other presentation tools like Keynote and Powerpoint with this quick trick.

Note: Bear in mind this is not a true embed. Respondents will be directed to a new tab or window to interact with your videoask; they will not be able to do so from within the presentation.

Insert a videoask into your presentation


Go toĀ Share this videoask



Click theĀ EmailĀ tab



Right click on the email gif that displays in the preview and select Save Image As...

2020-12-09_18-23-30.png 4. In Google Slides, Insert an image and select the file of the videoask gif you downloaded



The slide will now display a gif of your videoask (but is not yet linked, so you're halfway there!).

Note: The gif is a visual sample of your videoask, not a true embed. To allow people to open and interact with your videoask, you still need to link to it (see below).


6. In VideoAsk, go to the Link tab in your share menu and Copy your videoask url



In Google Slides, select the gif and clickĀ Insert link, thenĀ paste the link of your videoask


Now, when someone clicks the gif in your presentation, they will be redirected to your videoask in a new tab.


If desired, you can link to your videoask in multiple ways:

  • link the animated gifĀ 
  • show the full videoask link as text
  • add a QR code (requires use of a QR code generator)


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