Sharing & embedding your videoasks

You've made a videoask! To start collecting answers, share it with a link, embed it on your site or app, or use the VideoAsk widget.

You can also share your answers or share and embed your entire videoask inbox.

For more advanced embed options, check out this article.

Share your videoask link

1. After creating a new videoask, you'll see this:


2. Copy your videoask link to share it anywhere.


3. To get the link of a videoask that has already received responses, go to Share this videoask


4. Copy the link for your videoask. Or to test it without submitting answers, get the link for preview mode. Here you can also add variables to your videoask url.


Get the videoask widget

1. Click Widget in your share panel. This will open the widget builder.


2. Choose the widget style, border color, position, and write any call to action overlay text. While building you can preview how the widget will appear on desktop and mobile devices.


3. When you're happy, click Get the code.


3. Click Copy code  


4. Paste the widget code inside the <body> tags of your page. 

Note: You must have an SSL certificate to allow a widget to open on your page. Otherwise it will open in a new tab.

Interested in multiple widgets on one page, delayed widget load or other options? Learn more about our advanced embed options.

Embed your videoask with an iframe

1. Click Embed in the share panel. 


2. Click Copy code. Paste this code into your page or app's code. 


Embed requirements

Your site must be compatible with iframes to use this embed code.

Your website needs to have an SSL certificate (using https://). 

Make sure to copy embed code provided here. Permissions are included in it to connect site visitors' camera and microphone. Attempting to embed your videoask without using the embed code above, could result in video/audio recording failing.


That's all there is to it! If you have any problems with embedding your videoask, you can contact us through the link at the bottom of this page.

Trying to embed your videoask inline on a Wix website? Read more here

Looking to embed a videoask in a native app? Follow these instructions

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