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View your answers and reply to your respondents

Once you've created and shared your videoask, you'll start seeing the responses rolling in!

Checking your responses and replying to respondents is the best part of VideoAsk - it's where you really get to learn from and connect with your leads, customers, or students. ūü§ó


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Your interactions feed

The videoask inbox

View a response

Send a reply

In your dashboard, you can view the responses you've received from each of your videoasks. And, if you have enabled a contact form and the respondent left their contact details, you can reply to them with a video message!

Bear in mind that responses will look different depending on the answer types you have used in your videoask, because each answer type collects a different type of data.

To view a summary of all your response data, you can view it in the metrics tab or download it at any time as a .csv or .xlsx file.

View your videoask responses 


There are two places in the app where you can view responses and reply to respondents: the interactions feed and your videoask inbox.


The interactions feed is useful to see all activity across your organization and track responses to multiple videoasks. The videoask inbox lets you see responses to a specific videoask, its steps, metrics and to access other options such as tagging and sharing interactions. 

Your interactions feed

When you log in, by default your interactions feed will be displayed. This feed shows all the responses to all your videoasks, with the most recent responses at the top. View it at any time by clicking All interactions. 

2021-05-11_14-31-47.pngThe feed will automatically update when new responses arrive, but to manually refresh it click the refresh icon.


The videoask inbox

To view the responses from a specific videoask, select the videoask to open its inbox.


The videoask inbox will once again display your most recent responses, but only for this videoask. 


From here you have additional options of how you want to view your responses by filtering interactions to exclude Humans, sort by initial response date, and many other options.

2021-05-11_14-57-47.pngIf you have not yet received any responses, your inbox will display options to add more steps, change your videoask settings, connect to other tools, and share or embed your videoask.


View a response

From the interactions feed or videoask inbox, select a response to view it.


If it's a multi step videoask, there will be a response for each step. Click each step to view its answer.


The step number and question prompt (either the overlay text or transcription of your video) will be visible at the top of the response so you can easily remember what this step is about.


The format of your responses will depend on the answer type you have selected for the videoask step. The answer type will be indicated in the response icons (for multiple choice, NPS score, audio or video response and others).


If a respondent fills out your contact form when they complete your videoask, you will see their contact information with their response. 


Send a reply

If a respondent has left an email address, you have the option to send a video reply and continue the conversation. Replying to a respondent using VideoAsk will send them an email notification with a link to view and reply to your video message, so the conversation can continue indefinitely.


To send a video reply, select the response you want to reply to and click Reply.



Before you start recording, you can jot down notes or a script to remember what you want to say by enabling Notes.


At the top of your screen, you can choose your camera and microphone. You also have the option of selecting the video footage source from your media library, uploading a video, or recording a screenshare. 



If you choose to record a video message, click Record when you're ready.


Pro tip: Use the spacebar on your keyboard to start and stop recordings to make it easier to keep your eyes on the camera the entire way through!


Preview your video. If you're happy with it, select Yes. If not, select No to re-record.



Add overlay text to your reply message if desired, including links.


If you have added overlay text, you can choose the text size, when the text will appear, and whether to darken the video for better readability.



Choose whether to send your video response as fit video or fill video. Fill videos (the default) will take up the entire frame, fit videos will show the entire width of the video.



Finally, choose the the reply answer type. An Open answer lets a respondent reply to you with a text, audio or video message. If you don't want to allow them to reply, choose Button and add button text and a link.



When you're ready, click Send reply.


Note: Your reply may take a moment to upload, depending on the speed of your connection. Do not close your browser window or tab until the upload has finished or else your respondent may receive a reply with an empty video file.

Once you have sent your reply, it will appear in your conversation with your respondent.


...and your respondent will receive an email notification letting them know that you have replied to them!


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