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Be a part of the VideoAsk Feedback Club

Welcome! 👋 If you'd like to join the VideoAsk Feedback Club in the 🗣 VideoAsk Community, check out the information below and respond to this videoask so we can get in touch:

What is the VideoAsk Feedback Club?

The VideoAsk Feedback Club is a private group in the VideoAsk Community whose mission is to help VideoAsk to continue to grow and bring value to all who use it. It’s an invite-only group aimed at dedicated VideoAsk creators, so you can only access it if you've received an invitation link from a member of the VideoAsk team. If you know someone who'd like to join, please ask them to fill out the videoask above to apply.

Who is part of the club?

A selection of the VideoAsk (and Typeform) team and a group of enthusiastic VideoAsk Community members.

What are the criteria to be part of the club?

There’s no test or exam to be part of the club, but you do need to be an active VideoAsk creator who has a keen interest in making the product awesome!

What is this group for?

The VideoAsk Feedback Club is a place to discuss:

  • Early access to new product features and releases
  • Exclusive information about the product
  • Feedback about features and integrations in VideoAsk
  • New content or collaboration initiatives

What is this group not for?

  • Questions about your own videoasks or workflows (these can be asked publicly in the Community)
  • Sharing content or workarounds that could help the wider community
  • Escalations to support Reporting bugs
  • Personal or individual matters that can be discussed 1:1 via a direct message

Note: Please keep in mind that while all your feedback is really valuable to us, we're not able to implement everything that's suggested.

⚠️ Important: All information shared in the VideoAsk feedback group is private, so please don't share anything posted there outside of the group. 🤐

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