Tag answers to your videoasks

Are you looking for a way to categorize your respondents and create a neat inbox? A great way to tidy up your answers is to add tags to them.

By adding one or more tags to your answers, you’re creating categories that you can later use to sort and filter answers in your inbox. 

To start tagging:


Select a videoask that already has some answers and click Tag this Human (or the name of your respondent, if you know who they are).



Type the name of your new tag and click + to save it. In this example I’ll create a tag to categorize anonymous answers.



Now you’ll see a list of all the tags you’ve created. Toggle the switches to add them to the answer, click + New tag to create another tag or Done to save your changes.



The Tag icon is now highlighted in yellow next to the answer you just tagged, and you can click it to edit your tags: 



Now that you’ve tagged your answers, you can also use the dropdown list to filter them based on tags:


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