Add Webhooks to your videoasks

Do you want to send your Videoask data straight to a web app or URL? If you’re on a Grow or above plan, you can set up Webhooks to receive response notifications when someone answers your videoask.

What are Webhooks?

Webhooks are notifications sent automatically when triggered by a specific event. 

For Videoask, this event is a response to your videoask, so the notification is triggered when someone answers your question. The notification containing the response data will be sent immediately to your Webhook URL.

Please note that Webhooks are an advanced feature intended for those who know how to work with them. We can’t provide detailed instructions for code development or troubleshooting.

How to set up Webhooks

Here’s how you can set up a Webhook to receive notifications:

1. Select the videoask you want to integrate with a Webhook and click Connect:


2. Click Connect next to the Webhooks section:


3. Type the address of your Target URL into the text field. You can use to collect test submissions.

4. Toggle the switches to choose the event that triggers your notifications and hit Save.

  • If you select form_response, you'll receive the transcoded version of the response information when someone completes or abandons your videoask.
  • If you select form_response_transcribe, you'll also receive the transcription of the response, which can take up to 3-4 minutes.


All done, you can sit back and wait for the notifications from your Webhooks to roll in.

How to add more Webhooks

If you want to add more Webhooks, just click Connect next to Add another Webhook, and repeat the steps above:


How to edit or delete Webhooks

If you want to change an existing Webhook or remove it completely:

1. Click Edit next to your Webhook.


2. Now you can type to change the Webhook URL or click Delete this webhook to remove it from your videoask.


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