Display multiple contact forms

By default your videoask has a single contact form that can be enabled to collect contact details from your respondents and placed after any step of your videoask. 

Steps with the contact form enabled will display a contact form icon in the videoask editor: 


If you're using conditional logic, you may want to display the contact form after steps that are dependent on a respondent's answers. To do this, enable the contact form after multiple steps in your videoask flow.

Enable multiple contact forms


Go to Settings



Make sure your contact form is enabled by toggling Collect contact details on



Click the arrow next to Collect after step... to open the dropdown menu



Select after which steps you want to display the contact form


That's it! Your settings will autosave and respondents will now see a contact form for whichever route they take through your videoask.

When you review the entire flow in your builder the contact form icon will appear on the selected steps:


Note: The same contact form will display regardless of where or how many times it is displayed. 

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