Answer Types

A videoask is made up of a step or multiple steps that can be interacted with or responded to in different ways, depending on the answer type selected. 

When creating a new videoask or step you will be prompted to select an answer type. You can also change the answer type of an existing videoask step.



Collect video, audio, and/or text responses from your respondents. You can limit the time you give them to answer too!



Use this answer type as a navigational tool to allow respondents to move through your videoask with a simple button. You can turn off data collection for steps with the button answer type.



User this answer type to give respondents options to navigate through your videoask or to create a poll. You can allow multiple selection for multiple choice options. You can also turn off data collection for steps with the multiple-choice answer type.



Use this answer to let respondents book appointments on your calendar. We currently support Calendly, Hubspot Meetings, and Acuity Scheduling.



Use this answer type to connect your Stripe account and collect payments from respondents.


Net Promoter Score

Use this answer type to collect NPS (Net Promoter Score) feedback from your respondents. Learn more about collecting NPS feedback and check out our NPS VideoAsk Template


File Upload

Use this answer type to collect files or images from your respondents. All file types are supported, so long as they are under 10MB.


Tip: For files larger than 10MB use the "Open-ended" > "Text" answer type and ask your respondents to send a link to their file.

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