Share your videoask by email feature

Finished creating your videoask? Now it's time to share it using the Share by Email Feature! You can also check out our article on how you can send a videoask from your own email or marketing tool. 


1. Once logged into your VideoAsk account, select the videoask you’d like to share from the interactions panel. 

2. Select Share this videoask from the dashboard


3. Go to the Email tab


4. Add the subject and body to your email. You’ll see a preview of the email as you type! 


The gif generated here is click-able and will redirect recipients to your videoask!

TIP: check out our article: 5 Tips to prevent your VideoAsk email from going to spam

5. Add up to 10 recipients’ email address, separated by a comma or a space


6. Click Send email and you’re good to go!



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