Send a videoask from your own email or marketing tool

You can easily send your videoask from your own email or marketing tool by inserting the HTML code and animated gif directly into your email. 


1. Once logged into your VideoAsk account, select the videoask you’d like to share from the interactions panel. 

2. Select Share this videoask from the dashboard


3. Go to the Email tab


4. Click Send to one person or Send to multiple people.


Send to one person

If you choose Send to one person, you will be prompted to enter the name and email of the individual you'd like to send your videoask to. This will allow the contact information you already know to be passed through the code as a hidden field - now the person receiving your videoask won't have to enter in their name and email themselves!




Then copy the code and paste into your email!



Send to multiple people

If you choose Send to multiple people, the videoask URL in the code you copy will not include any contact variables - essentially it will send a "generic" version of your videoask to everyone you email it to. Without these variables, respondent contact information will not be known unless they are collected with a contact form. 


Click to learn more about variables and collecting contact information!


This option also allows you to use Merge tags in your marketing tool to dynamically populate the contact information you already know about the people you're sending your videoask to!

You can add the following variables to the videoask URL in the code to pass contact name, email, and phone number.



For example, in Mailchimp add:*|NAME|*&contact_email=*|EMAIL|*

This way, every individual on your mailing list will receive a unique videoask URL with their contact information. When each person answers your videoask, you'll see their name and email without having asked them to manually include it.







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