Share and embed your entire inbox (and filter by tag)

Once you've collected answers to your videoasks, you can share your entire videoask's inbox! Don't want to share everything? No problem... just share content which belongs to a specific tag. With this feature you can create a tag-specific videoask playlists!

In order to share your inbox, you'll need to make your answers shareable (public). Learn how!


To share your videoask’s entire inbox:

1. Select the videoask you’d like to share


2. Click to view any of the answers you’ve received 


3. Click the share button for that answer



You’ll see Share all interactions (from your videoask)


  • If you toggle the switch off and set the answer to private, people will see the following screen when they open the link:


  • If you toggle off the switch on, you can share a link with a view of the whole inbox:



  • You can also choose whether to Include replies or not


    • If you toggle Include replies to on, the link to your shared inbox will also include any subsequent replies to the initial answers you collected.


    • If you toggle Include replies to off, only the initial answers will appear in the share inbox link.



You can share your inbox with all filters:

The default view will be the Everyone tag, with the option to view by each tag.



You can share your inbox with a default filter:

The default view will be the tag you choose,  with the option to view by the other tags.

  •  Click on Default tag (filter) to show 


  •  and select the tag (filter) you'd like to appear by default


  • this will provide a different URL that will show the default tag (filter) view


  • You can also decide whether to Hide all other tags or not


    • If you toggle on the switch to Hide all other tags, the URL for the Default tag (filter) will show only the tag you have selected as the default tag. 

In this example, only the interactions tagged as "feedback" will appear


    • If you toggle off the switch to Hide all other tags, the URL for the Default tag (filter) can be view by each tag.

In this example, the interactions tagged as "feedback" will appear by default, and other tags can be viewed




To embed your entire videoask inbox:

You can embed your videoask inbox into your webpage by using our iframe embed code and inserting the share inbox URL where "" is:

<iframe src=""
allow="camera *; microphone *; autoplay *; encrypted-media *;"
style="border: none; border-radius: 24px"


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