Share your interactions

By default, only you can see the interactions people have with your videoask. By setting them as shareable or private, you can choose to share all interactions at once or individual answers or replies one at a time. Keep reading to learn how!

Learn how to share your entire videoask's inbox and filter it by tags here


You can make your interactions shareable in two ways:

  • By making all responses to a videoask private or shareable (public) in Settings
  • By making each individual answer or reply to a videoask private or shareable (public) in the Share panel


To share all interactions in your videoask Settings:

1. Click Settings.


2. Toggle the Make all interactions shareable switch.


Tip: Making all interactions shareable in one go can be useful when you want to export your data, or integrate VideoAsk with a third party application, like Zapier.

  • You can also choose whether to Include replies or not 


    • If you toggle Include replies to on, the link to your shared interactions will also include any subsequent replies to the initial answers you collected.


    • If you toggle Include replies to off, only the initial answers will appear in the share inbox link.



To share individual answers in the Share panel:

1. Go to a videoask that already has some answers.

2. Select the answer that you want to share.

3. Click Share.


4. Toggle the switches to make the individual answer or the entire interaction shareable.


Now you can copy and share the link of your answer, and people who receive the link will be able to see the answer.


If you toggle off the switch and set the answer to private, people will see the following screen when they open the link:



To share individual subsequent replies in the Share panel:

1. Go to a videoask that already has some answers and replies.

2. Select the reply that you want to share.

3. Click Share.


4. Toggle the switch to make the individual reply shareable.



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