Use variables (hidden fields) to add contact information to your videoask URL

If you already know the name, email address or phone number of your respondents, you donā€™t have to ask them again. You can simply add this information to the end of the URL of your videoask link.

Use the formatĀ  below to add variables to your URL string and collect contact information from people you already know:

  • Name: contact_name=Reka
  • Email address:
  • Phone number: contact_phone_number=%2B12025550308
    ('%2B' is used to denote '+' sign for international numbers)
  • useĀ # to add the first or only variable to your URL
  • useĀ &Ā to add additional variables to your URLĀ 

So your videoask URL with variables will look something like the example below:

With this method, your respondents will skip the contact form step when answering your videoask. Meanwhile, youā€™ll receive their answers with contact information inside your VideoAsk app.

Want to use variables for other information? Learn more here!

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