The State Of HR Automation Tools - Report

Learn the latest insights and top trends in HR automation tools and async video interview software.

Published: June 2023

This report examines the current landscape of HR automation tools and async video interview solutions and their impact on HR managers and companies. The data presented in this report is based on a survey conducted among 250 HR managers based in the US, providing insights into their current usage, future plans, and perceived benefits of HR automation tools. The report also highlights the top uses of automation tools and identifies concerns related to their adoption.

Current Usage of HR Automation Tools

The importance of automation tools and asynchronous video solutions continue to grow in the post-pandemic workplace: an overwhelming 78% of HR managers are either investing or planning to invest in automation tools for their HR departments this year. 

  • 50% say they are already using HR automation tools on a day-to-day basis.

  • 28% say they are planning to use HR automation tools in the coming future.

  • The most popular uses of automation tools are resume screening, onboarding, interviewing, and interview scheduling.

Perceived benefits of HR automation tools

When talking about the main benefits of HR automation tools, saving time (both in operations and overall time to hire) and improving the candidate experience are the most mentioned.

  • 48% of HR managers claim to reduce over 50% of time in the whole hiring process using automation tools.

  • The areas that present biggest opportunities to save time are resume screening, interviewing, interview scheduling, and onboarding.

Async Video Interview Software Usage

In order to save time during the interview process, many HR managers turn to async video interview software.

  • Async video interview software is used or planned to be used by 69% of HR managers to automate these areas.

  • Although it is used in all types of hiring, video interviewing software has a bigger adoption in technical hiring, volume hiring, graduate hiring, and remote hiring.

Main Concerns

Albeit 40% of HR managers express no concerns around a potential negative impact of using HR automation tools, some say they have some reservations:

  • 42% of respondents express concerns about the process becoming more impersonal and losing the personal touch with HR automation tools.

  • 38% also say they worry about it negatively impacting the overall candidate experience.

About VideoAsk

VideoAsk stands at the forefront of this HR automation revolution, providing a comprehensive solution that caters to the specific needs highlighted by the survey. VideoAsk offers a platform that combines interactive video technology with video chatbot and async video interview capabilities to enable HR professionals to streamline operations, and reduce time-to-hire without losing the personal touch.