Interactive video for education

Use interactive video to engage with your students. Answer their questions, onboard and test their knowledge.

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Engage and support

Use interactive video to communicate with your students in a personalized way. It’s almost like you’re face to face.

Using video helps your students feel more engaged, invested and confident to interact.

Video interaction between man and woman

Onboard better

Personalize your onboarding flow with a step by step videoask. Using video helps your students get to know you better.

It's a great way to let your students ask any questions they may have before starting, without any friction.

Add video to your website

Make your audience feel seen and heard, answer any questions or objections they have when they're about to buy. VideoAsk customers doing this have seen a huge increase in their conversion rate.

Or use interactive video to ask your visitors questions and recommend products based on their preferences. Find out how, here.

Gather video testimonials

We know just how important social proof is. With VideoAsk,  you can request and gather video testimonials in just one click.

Plus, all answers go straight to your VideoAsk inbox, ready to download and share.

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Kyle delights his students with a welcome videoask

I use VideoAsk to welcome students to my course and create an authentic dialogue with them.

Kyle Weeks — Online Course Creator @ Wine Primer

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