Pick a plan, cancel anytime.

Planning to go over 100 interactions/mo?

Don’t worry if you go over 100 interactions by a little bit, we won't be enforcing strict limits quite yet.

Planning to get near or over 200 interactions/mo?

Upgrade to the BRAND plan first. Once you've have subscribed, you'll be asked if you want to add more interactions. Alternatively you can add more interactions later in your Account>Plan & Billing tab.

What counts as an interaction?

When a respondent interacts with any of your videoasks, this is counted as a single interaction (no matter how many steps your videoask contains). When a respondent replies to one of your replies, this is also counted as an interaction.

Example: You anticipate collecting 100 new responses across all your videoasks every month, with an average of 2 follow-up replies from each new respondent. The total number of interactions per month will be: 300.