Stanley captured more leads with VideoAsk

Stanley Tate increased his conversion rate from 65% to a whopping 98% with VideoAsk.

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Stand out from the crowd

Stanley knows how uninspiring websites in the legal field can be. Which is a disservice to the lawyers because their success depends on establishing a connection right away. 

When you come across Stanley's site, Tate Law, you're immediately welcomed by his videoask. 

Warm up your leads

Stanley uses VideoAsk to create a connection with prospects before the first call. He Pre-qualifies them with a series of recorded questions and answers.

Save time for you and your prospect by only moving forward with warm leads.

Say goodbye to funnel drop off

Funnel drop off is a headache. Before using VideoAsk only 65% of leads would complete his funnel. 

By creating a connection with his leads, Stanley’s funnel completion rate is now a staggering 98%.

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