How Ramonica gets deeper customer feedback with VideoAsk...

Ramonica Plishett coaches businesses on how to succeed. She wants to be as helpful as possible. So Ramonica needs meaningful feedback about her coaching.

I need feedback so as I continue to help others, I can make sure that I’m giving them amazing value. But in the age of social media, it’s harder to make a sincere connection.

After a session, Ramonica invites her clients to send feedback via video with VideoAsk.

VideoAsk lets me see and hear my clients, which gives me a deeper insight into what's going on with them.

With VideoAsk it's easy for Ramonica's clients to share more meaningful, face-to-face feedback. As a result of these deeper insights, she has more impact on her clients and their businesses.


  • Get deeper feedback: body language and tone of voice tells you far more than a written survey response
  • Collect more responses: VideoAsk makes it quick and easy for people to answer by video, audio, or text. No sign-up or app download required
  • Build customer loyalty: showing your true self with video builds trust with your clients. Open up to them, and they're more likely to open up to you

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