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Ramonica Plishett coaches businesses on how to succeed. She wants to be as helpful as possible. So Ramonica needs meaningful feedback about her coaching.

I need feedback so as I continue to help others, I can make sure that I'm giving them amazing value. But in the age of social media, it's harder to make a sincere connection.

After a session, Ramonica invites her clients to send feedback via video with VideoAsk.

VideoAsk lets me see and hear my clients, which gives me a deeper insight into what's going on with them.

With VideoAsk it's easy for Ramonica's clients to share more meaningful, face-to-face feedback. As a result of these deeper insights, she has more impact on her clients and their businesses.

Ramonica's videoask

Ramonica makes business personal on VideoAsk.

Key features for feedback

Multi-step, branching videoasks

Add several questions within the same videoask to get feedback on specific points. Show people different follow-up videos based on their answers.

More ways to respond

Video library