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Learn how Ben Barber uses VideoAsk to automate his real estate business and generate more sales.

Say goodbye to wasted time

Before using VideoAsk, Ben and his team spent 30-40 hours a week trying to qualify leads.

Now they're using VideoAsk, Ben's able to automate almost all of his business, giving him back time to sell homes and build relationships with clients.

Ben and his team use VideoAsk to qualify their leads faster.

By making a video funnel where they explain what they do and answer any questions, Ben and his team now automatically disqualify leads that aren’t ready to buy, saving them time and increasing their conversion rate.

We automated lead generation and were able to disqualify people who weren't ready to buy. We’ve since increased our online lead conversion to 28%, roughly 30 times better than the average.

Ben Barber — Owner @ Barber Group Realty

Ben also uses VideoAsk to automate almost all of his business.

Using pre-recorded videoasks, Ben automates everything from lender referrals, to internal processes after you go to contract. Meaning they can provide a better customer experience, leading to more sales, more happy repeat customers, and more time to sell homes.

We're finding that our clients are more likely to work with us because, after they've gone through all the video steps, they feel like they know and trust us. We build that rapport and relationship with them faster than we ever would have.

Ben Barber — Owner @ Barber Group Realty

Ben is selling more homes with VideoAsk

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If this, then that. With conditional logic, you can make every conversation more meaningful and help qualify your leads.

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