Bug report template

Get all the information you need to debug a technical problem efficiently by guiding users through a troubleshooting videoask.

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Guide respondents through all your technical questions so you can make the best diagnosis. Deliver customer support, troubleshoot issues, and collect contact information—all in one template.


Acknowledge the respondent’s issue and assure their problem will be handled in a timely manner.


Use the open-ended answer type so respondents describe the issue in their own words. VideoAsk offers a screen recording option so that you can see what’s going on first-hand.


Request the respondent’s contact information so you can follow up quickly and efficiently.


Why use video for troubleshooting?

Technical support is often frustrating and confusing for users. When you show up for your audience with a video, you’re showing them that you care about their problem. Plus, VideoAsk’s open-ended response feature lets people record their screen, making it easier to explain what’s happening on their device.

What are the best features to use for the problem report template?

Is it free to screen record?

Make it part of your workflow

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