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Use proof, don’t promise

Nobody wants to be the first to try something. Using video testimonials is a powerful way to add proof, rather than promise, to your product.

Using video shows potential customers what others think of your product, helping to build trust, in a human way.

Make it easy

Asking for video testimonials at a time of peak excitement and making it easy is important. VideoAsk helps asking for video testimonials fit smoothly into your customer journey.

Simply share your videoask requesting testimonials by embedding it in emails or texts, or just share the link. In one click, respondents can answer. Done and dusted.

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VideoAsk allows you to collect all video testimonials in the same place, in the same format. Oh, and they’re already transcribed for you.

Download your videos and start sharing them across your site. It’s as simple as that!

Justin uses VideoAsk to collect video testimonials

Proof based marketing converts better than promised based marketing, and the best way to get proof is by showcasing your customers’ stories. VideoAsk makes the process of collecting their stories easy.

Justin — Video Expert & Founder @ ClickGoLive

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One question at a time with multi-step videoask

Guide your customers through their testimonial by asking one question at a time. You get more thoughtful responses and a better testimonial.

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Video testimonials are the most impactful social proof.