How Tara gets moreleadswith videoask

A game changer for my business...
Tara Prendergast — Entrepreneur & Influencer

Creative coach Tara Prendergast uses VideoAsk to qualify potential leads faster—face to face.

Before VideoAsk it was really awkward to communicate in a deeper way. I spent a lot of time saying "Let’s hop on a call".

Since she put a VideoAsk on her home page, Tara's conversion rate has hit 41% as a result of more, better quality leads.

People who respond to my videoasks are really engaged with me. They’re hot leads because they’ve made that step. It’s like a filter for your audience.
Tara's videoask

Key features for lead generation

Home page widget

Embed a videoask on your homepage to give your site a friendly face. Users simply click the widget to open the videoask. Customize the color and style, and add a personalized CTA.

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