Sell more homes with VideoAsk

Grow and automate your real estate business, using video funnels to collect and qualify more buyer and seller leads

Video funnel your leads

Say goodbye to cold traffic and wave hello to hot leads. Engage with potential buyers and sellers in a video funnel, helping you build trust and boost your conversion rates.

Offer free home evaluations, schedule calls or in-person meetings, send home lists based on their criteria. The options with video funnels are endless.

Save time and automate

Want to spend more time selling homes? With VideoAsk you can automate a range of processes, helping you save time and provide an improved, consistent customer experience.

Try using it to automate loan referrals, payment deposits, and more. Ben from Barber Group Realty saves 30-40 hours a week using VideoAsk to automate his business.

Recruit new agents

Use VideoAsk in the recruitment process and get to know your potential future agents better. With asynchronous video, you can cut out the back and forth emailing, and hire better and faster.

A video says a lot about a person. With VideoAsk you can screen prospective agents, explain the role, introduce them to future teammates or even give them a tour of the office. 

Offer virtual tours

Let buyers get a taste for a property from the comfort of their own home by filming a virtual tour with VideoAsk. Film once, show to many.

A multi step videoask lets buyers explore the property, room by room. Let buyers schedule a meeting if they’re interested with our calendar app integration.

The benefits of VideoAsk

By using VideoAsk we’ve saved around 30-40 hours a week by automating our lead qualification, and increased our lead conversion rate to 28%.

Ben Barber — Owner @ Barber Group Realty

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Use our mobile apps

With our iOS and Android apps, you’ll never miss a beat. Get notified every time someone responds to your videoask and respond on-the-go. 

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