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Import contact details from Typeform to VideoAsk

Import respondents' contact details from typeform submissions to your VideoAsk contact list in just a few clicks.

If you've captured leads with a typeform, you can import respondents' contact details to VideoAsk to spark asynchronous video conversations and drive more conversions and sales.

💡Tip: You can also manually add contacts to your VideoAsk contacts list.

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Note: Currently, it's only possible to import names and email addresses from Typeform to VideoAsk. If you're looking to import other contact details, check out this article about creating contacts in VideoAsk from typeform entries using Zapier.

⚠️ Important: Your typeform must contain an Email question type or the Contact Info question type. You must select these question types when mapping contacts from Typeform to VideoAsk for the import to work successfully.


From your VideoAsk account, go to Contacts.



Select Add.



Click Import contacts from Typeform.



Give VideoAsk access to your Typeform account by clicking Accept in the dialog that appears. 


Note: If you're not currently logged into your Typeform account, you'll be prompted to log in before granting access to VideoAsk.


Scroll down and select the typeform you'd like to import contacts from. 



Map the corresponding fields from Typeform to VideoAsk (it's currently only possible to map name and email fields). 

You can also use the search bar to search for the question in your typeform.


⚠️ Important: Your typeform must contain an email question type or the Contact Info question type and you must include these in the mapping for the import to work successfully.


Click Import.


Note: If an email address already exists in your VideoAsk contact list, it won't be imported from Typeform (to avoid duplications). However, if it's missing a name in your VideoAsk account, and this information has been completed in your typeform, we'll add it to the contact in VideoAsk.


A message will tell you how many contacts have been imported. Click Ok.



That's it! The emails and names collected in your typeform responses have been imported to your VideoAsk account as new contacts. From there, you can follow up with them via a direct video message.

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