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Use Gravatar to add an avatar to your VideoAsk account

Make your VideoAsk account and interactions even more personal by uploading an avatar with Gravatar.

Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized Avatar. It's a tool that allows you to create, upload, and manage an image similar to a profile picture from a single place, by matching your email address with a photo or logo you upload.

Once set up, the image you've uploaded to Gravatar will be displayed on the Account & Org settings icon in your VideoAsk account, and anywhere else online (like Slack and GitHub) that's integrated with Gravatar.


If your respondent also has a Gravatar, you’ll see it in your inbox when they respond to your videoask via text, audio, or any other non-video response.


Note: If your respondent responds via video, you’ll see an image from their video response instead of their Gravatar.

To set up or change your image, you’ll need to update it in your Gravatar account.

Looking for more ways to add your logo? Add it to a videoask to show off your branding!

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