Frequently asked questions


What is VideoAsk?

VideoAsk is a simple and effective way to get closer to your audience. Record a video straight from your phone or computer, share the link, then wait for the answers to roll in. No forms, no chatbots—just you.

How does VideoAsk work?

Record yourself asking a question/s, and then send that as a videoask to your audience. People can open the videoask, and answer you using video, audio or text (as well as multiple choice or calendar selection), from their phone or computer. All the answers are saved in your VideoAsk account for you to view and reply to at your leisure, via video.
Here's a full guide to making a videoask.

How can I sign up for VideoAsk?

You can sign up using the link at the top of this page, or just click here. All you need is an email address to get started with a free account.

What kind of devices can I use?

You can create videoasks using our web-app on your Windows, Mac computer or Android device or use our native iPhone app.

What browsers are supported?

Your audience can answer videoasks directly on all major browsers with some caveats on Safari and Chrome on iOS (which does not support audio recording)

Safari desktop does not currently support MediaRecorder API which we use for video capture. Safari iOS and some Android custom browsers will default to the native camera app for video uploads.

However, you can switch on 'Streamed Recording' which enables Safari to record video directly inside the browser.

How long can a VideoAsk be?

Each videoask step can be up to 2 minutes long (unless you upload your own video).

Respondents that answer your videoask have by default 2 minutes of recording time per step. If you are on the Grow plan, you can increase the answer length up to 5 minutes.

Can I send multiple questions to people?

Yes! You can create a multi-step videoask, with sequential question. If you are on the GROW plan, you can add conditional logic to route respondents to different steps based on their multiple choice answer.

How can I share my videoask?

There are a few ways to share your videoask. Every one you create has its own URL, and anyone who clicks on that link can answer your videoask for as long as it's live.

You can also embed a videoask on your website as an iframe or as a widget. Learn more about sharing your videoask here!

Can I remove VideoAsk branding?

Yes, on our BRAND paid plan. See all of our plans here.


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