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Camera and microphone permissions: troubleshooting for respondents

Hey! 👋 We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing recording issues when trying to respond to a videoask that’s been shared with you. It looks like we haven’t been able to access your camera and microphone permissions which we need so you can record through our platform.

For a bit of context, we’re VideoAsk. We’re a video form software designed to help organizations and individuals connect with their audience via asynchronous video. If you’d like more information about VideoAsk, check out our product page here.

Note: This article has been written for people trying to record a video or audio response to a videoask that’s been shared with them. If that doesn’t sound like you, we recommend taking a look at our more general troubleshooting guide instead.

Camera and microphone permissions troubleshooting

In order to record, we need permission from you to use your device’s camera and microphone. A pop-up window should appear asking for permission, but if you’re experiencing issues with this, try these steps:

1. Has your browser blocked pop-ups? If so, you may not see the pop-up window to grant camera and microphone permissions.

You can either unblock pop-ups to see it or click the lock icon to the left of the website URL and set both camera and microphone permissions to Allow.


2. Is your browser up to date? If you're not using the latest version, updating your browser can sometimes quickly resolve this (and many other!) issues.

3. Are you using any browser plug-ins or extensions? Do any of them have access to your camera and microphone permissions?  If so, they may be conflicting with VideoAsk, so it's worth turning them off to see if that resolves the issue.

4. Have you tried using a different browser or device? Does this work?

Below you can find more detailed information on how to enable/disable camera and microphone permissions based on your browser or device:

Still not working?

If you’ve tried all of the above and are still struggling to submit a response to a videoask, we recommend contacting the organization or individual that shared it with you to let them know.

Alternatively, you can reach out to our VideoAsk Support team by clicking on the Contact Support button at the bottom of this page. 


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