Start a live video call in VideoAsk

VideoAsk is many things. It's a video based form. A way to have asynchronous video conversations. And now, it's a way to take the leads from those forms into...a live video call!

If you're on a paid plan, you can use the live call answer type to allow respondents to call you directly through VideoAsk. Used in conjunction with other steps or answer types, this is a great way to qualify leads or clients and then, if qualified, give them an option to speak to you directly.


Tip: If you want respondents to schedule an appointment before getting on a live call, you have this option with our Calendly, Hubspot Meetings, Acuity, or ScheduleOnce integrations.

Set up a live call step


Once you have created a new step, click the answer type to change it 



Select Live Call from the dropdown menu



If desired, update the Call to action text (the button that will prompt respondents to call you)


If respondents click the Call to action button, they will start calling you.


If desired, you can also customize the Rejection text. 


If respondents click the Rejection button, they will skip the live call and go to the end screen.


Finally, set up the logic to determine what respondents will see after they have called you. You can choose a route for when a call has been completed (the respondent and creator connect on a live call) or when a call is incomplete (the respondent starts and then ends a call before it is answered, or they choose not to call).

To do this, either create a new step:


And follow the prompts:


Or update the logic for existing steps in the Logic tab:


Note: The logic you set for Call incomplete will be used when a respondent clicks the rejection button (ie chooses not to call you) and when they click Hang up & continue after starting a call.

Accept or decline an incoming call

When a respondent reaches your live call step, they can click the call to action button to start calling you.


They will see this screen while waiting for you or a team member to accept their call:


Should the respondent click Hang up & continue before you accept their call, they will advance to the step you set for "Call incomplete".

Meanwhile, when a respondent calls you through VideoAsk, you will see (and hear!) an incoming call wherever you are in the app with the option to accept or decline the call.


If you accept the call, a live video call will immediately start with the respondent (so make sure you're camera ready!)

Once the call is completed respondents will advance to the step you set for "Call completed".


Can I record my call?

Currently this is not built into VideoAsk. If you would like to record a live call that is done through VideoAsk, you can do so with your native screen recording app or a third party app (such as CloudApp or Snagit).

How will this affect my minutes?

We calculate the usage of your plan based on the number of minutes of audio or video files that are transcribed per month. Because we do not save recordings of live calls, no video is transcribed and therefore the time spent on a live call will not affect your overall usage for the month.

What's the best way to be notified when someone calls?

If you're not logged in to VideoAsk on a daily basis, you may miss calls when they come through. If you're regularly in other messaging apps (such as Slack), you can set up a trigger with Zapier to notify you in your preferred platform when a call comes through. You can then open or log in to VideoAsk to answer the call.

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