Skip data collection for a videoask step

Using the button or multiple choice answer types is a great way to allow respondents to navigate through your videoask. 

But in doing so, you may receive many partial responses that clutter up your inbox. Skip data collection to avoid seeing and being notified of these responses. 

You can skip data collection for the following answer types:

  • Button
  • Multiple-choice

(Learn more about the different answer types you can choose for your videoask.)

Turn off data collection when creating a new videoask step


First you'll need to create a videoask step. Record, upload, or select a video from the library for your new step.



When you select the button or multiple choice answer type, you'll see the option to toggle on or off Skip data collection


If the toggle is OFF responses will be collected for this step and they will appear in your inbox.


For example, in this 2-step videoask, responses for both steps can be seen:


If the toggle is ON - responses will NOT appear in your inbox for this step. 


For example, in this 2-step videoask (where Skip data collection is turned ON for step 1), only the response for step two will show in the inbox:


Note: You cannot retroactively collect data for a step. For example: if you turn off data collection midway through a videoask campaign and export your responses as a .csv, there will only be data for this step when data collection was turned on. 

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