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Duplicate your videoask

Have you already created the perfect videoask? Wouldn’t it be nice to just repurpose it and start collecting new answers? We've got ya. The solution is simply duplicating your videoask. 

Each step of a multi-step videoask has its own answer type, overlay text, and logic. Depending on the flow you're creating, you might require steps in your videoask that are very similar or identical to a previous videoask's flow. If this is the case, you can duplicate any of your videoasks and edit the duplicated version as needed.

💡 Tip: You can also duplicate a single step in your videoask to reuse the configuration from one step to the next.

How to duplicate your videoask

Note: Duplicating your videoask does not count towards your monthly usage limits so you can go copy crazy without having to worry about using up your minutes. 🎉


In the left sidebar of your videoask account, click the three vertical dots (⋮) next to the videoask you want to duplicate.



Click Duplicate.



If you've created folders, select the folder where you'd like your duplicated videoask to be located, or choose Root level folder (the main area in the left sidebar).


The duplicate instantly shows up in the list of your videoasks. It will have the same name as the original with the addition of (copy) at the end. You can rename it and edit it how you like. 😊


Note: If you’re duplicating a multi-step videoask, this will copy all of its steps. However, duplicating doesn’t copy the responses you’ve already collected to your original videoask.

💡 Tip: Speed up your video form creation by building your very own videoask template and then duplicating it as required.

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