Add a consent checkbox to your contact form

To help you comply with privacy laws you can now enable a checkbox field in your contact forms. You can of course also use it for other consent related use cases too. 


Ask for consent on the contact form

1. Once logged into your VideoAsk account, select the videoask you’d like to share from the interactions panel. 


Select Settings for this videoask 


3. Toggle ON Collect contact details and toggle ON Ask for consent. You can update the consent text to fit your use case!


If you'd like to add a hyperlink to your consent text, you can include the following (making sure to update YOUR_URL and LINK TEXT:

<a href="YOUR_URL">LINK TEXT</a>

Example: <a href="">read more here</a>


You can also choose whether to make consent or any other field of your contact form is optional by checking the Required box next to each toggle.

TIP: Just below the toggle to Collect contact details, you can select after which step you'd like to collect that information. We recommend that you collect this information before any steps where respondents can give an answer you'd like to reply to or have consent for. This way, you'll be sure to have consent and avoid anonymous "human" answers to your videoask.

Note: If you'd like to collect consent without also collecting name and contact information, you can do that too! The consent form will appear in the videoask like this:


4. Now, when someone views your videoask, they'll have the option to check the consent checkbox.


If someone does NOT give consent, they will not be able to continue onto the next step in your videoask.



Once someone answers your videoask, you'll see a green checkmark next to the contact details in your inbox if the respondent has given consent. 


6. When you export your answers to a .csv or .xlsx file, you'll see the field where consent is given as TRUE or N/A


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